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Hello pod bodies.

This is the 10th edition of The Podcast Catalyst and the first for 2024.
A warm welcome to those of you that subbed the newsy over the holidays.
I’m stoked that you found us.

I promise to keep this issue very brief.

This Is How We Podcast 🔥🔥

On the back of last years in person event, we are gearing up to do it again.

If you are anything like me, you’ve listened to a podcast and thought “HOW did they do that?” Or maybe you’ve seen a social media post and thought “how did they do THAT?”

Well, the new 3-part in-person event series looks to answer just that and simplify the process for you.

This Is How We Podcast offers podcasters the opportunity to share how they do what they do with a room of curious and supportive fellow creators.
Come and meet, mingle and learn how to do it better from those who are already doing it well.

Details about who is on the bill for the first edition of This Is How We Podcast will be shared in the next issue.

What I will say now is that this podcast made it on to the 2023 Shows We Love list published by Apple podcasts. 🔥

WHEN: Thursday 4 April 2024
WHERE: Latitude Aparthotel, Sea Point

Space is limited so if this sounds interesting to you, hit reply to this email and reserve your spot now.

Alternatively, look out for the booking link in our next issue or on social media.

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